NSON believes online surveys must follow the same research principles and guidelines that are expected of other data collection techniques, especially CATI telephone surveys. We comply with accepted MRA industry standards in all of our online research projects.  Research methodologies are rapidly evolving to reflect the significant changes that the Internet has caused in the opinion research industry and the global population in general.  The Internet has had a powerful impact on the way businesses communicate with their customers. More Web-based opinion research surveys are being conducted every day and the use of electronic surveys will continue to grow into the foreseeable future.

Electronic Data Collection and Interactive Reporting Services

We have the technical capability to provide market research professionals with whatever online survey format they require to complete a specific research project. The NSON Web survey staff will assist you to determine the most suitable and cost-effective format for your individual online research projects.

Multi-Lingual Service
NSON has the capability to conduct online surveys in many different languages.

At time, questions arise regarding the sampling techniques used in Web research. NSON keeps clients informed about the sampling criteria needed to ensure accuracy and validity in Web research projects. NSON uses the Survey Fever® panel of opt-in online survey respondents.

Technical Functions
Our online questionnaire programming software provides for all the standard functions that are available with a typical telephone CATI survey including the following items:
• Answers may be either numeric, text (open-ended), multiple-choice or all that apply in any given survey.
• Comprehensive skip and branching logic options can be utilized.
• Control of question flow prohibits respondents from going back in the survey to change previous answers.
• Error messages appear when a respondent fails to answer a mandatory question or gives an incorrect type of response.
• Flexibility of font color, size, type and background design available.
• Internet server is encrypted and password protected for complete respondent security and anonymity.
• Mid-termination feature permits respondents to stop during a survey and then resume later at the same point they left off.
• Multi-media sound and visuals may be added to any survey.
• Multiple answers or choices to single questions allowed.
• Option for “other” responses available.
• Question and answer rotation available to prevent position or placement bias.
• Quota controls are programmable.
• Real-time tracking available.
• Status bar, or percentage of the survey completed symbol, available.
• Skip logic is masked so questions flow in the proper numerical sequence no matter which skip pattern is followed.

Internet Surveys In Relationship To CATI Surveys

NSON Web surveys are the equivalent of our telephone CATI surveys. They both produce accurate, valid survey data. Online surveys, however, are administered electronically by using the Internet. Generally, live callers are not used with Web surveys, but we can conduct dual CATI / online surveys.

Participants in Internet surveys receive e-mail invitations asking them to participate in an online survey. Respondents for online research are normally not called on the telephone, but they could be contacted by phone prior to an online survey in certain circumstances.

Unlike most CATI studies, nearly all Internet surveys include incentive programs. The nature of the incentive varies according to the scope of the specific project. One typical incentive would give people who complete a survey an opportunity to participate in a random drawing for cash or prizes. NSON can tailor incentives to meet the specific needs of any research study.

Internet surveys occur simultaneously. When necessary, all the e-mail invitations for a particular study are sent out together. Web surveys are also convenient for respondents because the survey can be completed at any time, day or night.

Primary Conclusions
• Web-based surveys are excellent for some kinds of research studies, but CATI surveys are recommended for other types of research.
• High-quality data collection is the foundation of all successful research projects regardless of how, when and where the survey is conducted.
• NSON clients can rely on us for experience, technical expertise, competitive prices and dedicated customer service.
NSON looks forward to the opportunity of working with you on your next online survey project.

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