NSON specializes in live operator telephone data collection. Since 1992, NSON has conducted thousands of successful opinion research surveys by telephone for a highly diverse clientele from many different business sectors across the United States. We also provide our services to to many market and opinion research consulting companies.

NSON operates its own call center in downtown Salt Lake City, Utah equipped with 150 computer-aided-telephone-interviewing (CATI) stations. The NSON call center can easily handle projects of every size including very large-scale research studies. We run a day shift for business-to-business projects and an evening shift that concentrates on consumer opinion studies. The CATI system runs on a predictive dialer. Our supervisor to interviewer ratio is 1:8.

Interviewing Staff

NSON interviewers go through a demanding pre-employment screening process. Before being hired, all applicants pass a reading, typing and grammar test. Our callers are paid a competitive, non-commissioned hourly wage. Most of our callers have neutral accents.

All NSON interviewers complete a comprehensive training program. All interviewers are required to attend weekly seminars designed to refine and develop their telephone skills. Callers also receive daily pre-shift briefings to address issues specific to current projects. NSØN has the capability to conduct telephone surveys in many languages other than English.

We monitor every interviewer several times during each shift. All of our interviewers know that any falsification of data is grounds for immediate dismissal. We also have excellent remote monitoring capabilities for clients. The standard practice of NSON is to validate 10% of the surveys in each project we conduct.

Every project NSON conducts is assigned to a specific Project Manager who is responsible for overseeing the job from beginning to end. Project Managers can be reached after hours by cell phone. All clients receive daily progress reports from their PM.

Voice-Capture and IVB

Our voice-capture equipment permits us to record the open-ended answers given during an interview. IVB (Interactive Voice Broadcast) allows clients to incorporate pre-recorded messages into a standard telephone survey. The messages can also be delivered mechanically to live respondents or left on answering machines. Both voice-capture and IVB increase the data-collection and data-dissemination options for research professionals at a reasonable cost.

Data Processing

NSON CATI specialists program all questionnaires into our computer system precisely to client specifications. Our programmers are conversant with Sawtooth Ci3 (Windows).
NSON data tabulation specialists can provide clients with any dataset files required including dbf, SPSS, Excel, Paradox, Quatro Pro, ASCii and many others. We use both SPSS and WIN Cross tabulation software. The NSON team of coding specialists review the data collected and then develop clear categories for organizing open-ended responses. All responses are carefully coded using keys that have been pre-approved by the client.

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