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NSON Opinion Strategy is a strategic public opinion research and consulting company

We have been in business since 1992, with extensive experience conducting consumer, political, public service, and business-to-business opinion research projects as well as strategic public relations projects.

We work closely with our clients to design and implement custom research studies that help them:

  • Understand important issues and attitudes
  • Improve their products
  • Fine-tune advertising campaigns
  • Gain new sales
  • Strengthen customer and employee satisfaction
  • Retain current customers
  • Target new markets

We assist clients with their overall research needs through a combination of planning research studies, setting goals for the studies that are realistic and achievable, and using efficient, integrated research methodologies to meet those goals. Over the years, NSON Opinion Strategy has completed thousands of successful research projects.

Our goal is to establish a cooperative partnership with our customers. We have a reputation for being easy to work with and meeting the needs of our clients. We focus on quality, dependability, value and outstanding customer service.


In addition to our opinion research data collection services, NSON Opinion Strategy provides a wide range of strategic consulting services for corporations, political entities, governmental groups, non-profit organizations, and initiatives. We offer customized, innovative solutions to problems that help our clients make sound, well-planned business decisions. Regardless of the level of consultation service you require, we can help you make the right choices.

NSON Opinion Strategy is uniquely able to coordinate with your marketing and decision making efforts to help you become successful.

  • Advertising Awareness and Effectiveness Studies
  • Customer and Employee Satisfaction Surveys
  • Loyalty Studies
  • Marketing Research
  • Market Segmentation
  • Product Development
  • Program Evaluation
  • Political
  • Public Opinion
  • Strategy Development


NSON Opinion Strategy provides opinion research consultation advice for our clients. We offer customized, innovative solutions that help our clients obtain the information that is necessary to make sound, well-planned business decisions.

Identify and clarify primary research goals.

Establishing precise research goals is always a vital first step in successful full-service market research.

Develop a research strategy and approach.

The clearer the goals of the research are, the easier it is to formulate a strategy to meet those goals.

Research Design

In designing the details of a research project, NSON consultants consider the objectives of the study, the nature of the target audience and the resources that are available to complete the project.

Collect the data.

Data collection or survey fielding is the stage where the questionnaire or survey instrument is used to gather information from specific sample segments.

Data Analysis.

NSON analysts are experienced with all standard analytical methods used commonly in business and social science research.

Reports and Presentations.

Reports include a summary of the results, an interpretation of the data, a discussion of the implications of the information, and suggestions for further review.

Completed Surveys

Projects Achieved

Thank You!

We appreciate your interest in NSON Opinion Strategy.  We focus on quality, dependability, value and outstanding customer service.  Send us a message requesting a project bid, or to get the ball rolling with polling, focus groups, or research.

 Since 1992 we have completed thousands of projects, with extensive experience working in the consumer, political, public service and business-to-business areas. NSON assists clients with their overall research needs through a combination of planning research studies, setting goals for the studies that are realistic and achievable and using efficient, integrated research methodologies to meet those goals. Our goal is to establish a cooperative partnership with our customers.

History of NSON Focus Group Center

A SHORT HISTORY OF OUR BUILDING W. A. Sherman had this stately mansion constructed about 1898. Walter E. Ware, who shares the title “Dean of Utah Architecture” with Richard Kletting, designed the building. Ware opened an office in Salt Lake City in 1891 and practiced architecture for nearly sixty years, until 1949. In addition to building several large mansions, Ware also designed the Presbyterian Church on South Temple, a tree-lined boulevard that originally was known as Brigham Street.

Daniel Cowan Jackling, a prominent mining engineer, purchased the Sherman home in 1904. Jackling was known as the “Utah Copper Prince.” Among his many successful ventures were the development of the Masabi iron range in Minnesota, gold mines in Mercur, Utah, and developing copper lands that became the Kennecott Copper Company. This massive open pit mine has been referred to as the largest man made excavation on earth. By midway through the twentieth century, Jackling had his hand in most copper companies in the American West and more than 60 percent of the world’s copper production was being mined using Jackling’s development of low-grade ore processing. During World War I, Jackling served as director of government explosives plants, and for his outstanding wartime efforts he was awarded the Distinguished Service Medal by President Woodrow Wilson. In 1926 Jackling received a Gold Medal Award from the Mining and Metallurgical Society of America. In 1940 he was given the Washington Award of the Western Society of Engineers for “pioneering in large-scale mining and treatment of low-grade copper ores, releasing vast resources from formerly worthless deposits.” Daniel C. Jackling enjoys a worldwide reputation and a full size bronze statue of him sculpted by Avard Fairbanks stands in the rotunda of the Utah State Capitol building. In the later part of his life Jackling moved from his home on South Temple to San Jose, CA. where he built a very large estate that is the current home of Steve Jobs of Apple Computer. The Jackling Mansion was purchased by Ron Nielson in 2005 and currently houses the headquarters of Mr. Nielson’s company.

Strategic Communications

Take a look around you. Those that succeed in business all have one thing in common. Today’s winners did a better job of defining themselves and presenting their message than their opponents did. The winners did a better job at communicating.

Traditional methods of advertising and public relations no longer attract and hold the attention of today’s population. People today are bombarded and swamped with information. Many of the old promotional tools have lost ground to the new choices now available to consumers of information.

We provide solutions that go beyond public relations. NSON Opinion Strategy provides professional strategic communication services for business and political organizations.

We offer specific, customized, practical solutions to problems that help our clients make sound, well-planned decisions. We help clients in numerous ways including creative advertising, message development, marketing development and targeting, expansion programs, fundraising, organization growth, and understanding important public issues that effect our clients plans and future. NSON is uniquely able to understand public opinion and how to influence change.

To make the cut, YOUR message has to cut through the clutter!

To make the cut, YOUR message has to cut through the clutter!

NSON provides standard public and media relations services including: media communication strategies, press events and releases, article publication, digital media, TV and radio. We also provide organizational structure management: grass-roots development, large event conferences and symposiums, organization management and planning and forecasting. Regardless of the level of assistance you require, NSON can help you make the right choices and help you get to where you want to go.

Our client experience includes nationwide projects and targeted business functions. Here is a list of some of our services.

  • Political and ballot initiative campaigns.
  • Advocacy and PAC managment.
  • Grassroot organization.
  • New product releases and business expansion.
  • Conferences and symposiums.
  • Business marketing and targeting strategies.
  • Political lobbying.
  • Managing business poltical strategies.


NSON breaks beyond traditional advertising in expanding your brand. Creative design and strategic planning will develop and grow your campaign and allow you to reach your goals.


  • Social Media
  • Online Fundraising
  • Database Development
  • Online Advertising
  • Video Production
  • Web & Graphic Designs


NSON always completes my project on time or ahead of schedule. I can be assured all is well and there are no surprises because they stay on top of my project. I always know what is going on and where things are because NSON is great with communication. NSON is a research partner I can trust.

Mark Niederluecke

Co-Founder, The Axiom Group, Inc.

In the 23 years I’ve been in the marketing research and public opinion polling business, I’ve found very few firms that perform as well as NSON on the critical factors of high-quality interviewing, speed of delivery, accurate sampling, competitive prices, skilled programming, depth of data processing capabilities, daily status reports, accurate and fair billing, and excellent quality of service.

Steven C. Ethridge

Owner, Ethridge & Associates, LLC

I have worked with NSON for nearly ten years, and my confidence in them has never wavered. In fact, even when making a career change, I did not consider another research consultant because I knew I had already been working with one of the best in the industry. NSON staff members are highly competent; they ask the right questions of us up front, so we execute sound methodologies and achieve optimal results.

Cher Hoffman

AVP Marketing, Bank of Springfield

Based on 25+ years of managing focus group facilities and moderating focus groups, I am pleased to add my commendation of the quality of the NSON capabilities including the integrity of their recruiting efforts and the functionality of the facility itself.

Dr. Leslie M. Harris

Managing Partner, Mature Marketing & Research

NSON is the most reliable, flexible and responsive research and polling partner we have worked with. Each project they have conducted for us has been approached with care and an eye for detail and accuracy.

Doug Turner

Public Relations, DW Turner

The Public Relations Society of America (PRSA) asked NSON Opinion Research to conduct an online survey of its members as part of an effort to redesign the society’s International Conference. NSON was both thoroughly professional and very pleasant to work with, and they provided excellent service. The survey results proved indispensable to our redesign effort.

Tom Vitelli

Senior Director of Public Relations and Advertising, Intermountain Health Care


AmericCU Credit Union
Babcox Publishing
Bank of Springfield
Blue Cross of Idaho
Clayton Homes
Federal Home Loan Bank
Foster Farms
Home Shopping Network
Horrace Mann
Hudson Hospital & Clinics

Humboldt General Hospital
Hussmann Corporation
Johnson /Weld 2016 Presidential Campaign
Nippon Research Center
Northern Illinois University
Our America Initiative
Republican National Committee
The Jack News
US Chamber of Commerce
Utah Department of Agriculture

Strategic Communication Case Studies

Johnson/Weld Presidential Campaign 2016

In 2016 NSON Opinion Strategy oversaw and managed the Presidential campaign of Gov. Gary Johnson and Gov. Bill Weld. The Johnson/Weld campaign was the most successful third party Presidential campaign in 20 years, achieving 3.3% of the general election vote.

NSON’s services included general campaign management, which was overseen by Ron Nielson, coordination of all grassroots activity, advertising, research, media and campaign organization. see: Gary Johnson presidential campaign 2016

Our America Initiative

Started in 2009, Our America Initiative is currently one of the largest advocacy political organizations in the country with over one million subscribers. This grassroots organization has volunteer staff in every state and participates in both national and local political activity.

NSON’s services included general management, advertising, research, media and organization.
see: Our America Initiative wiki